Kellie De Valle, san diego home birth mom

"If you are considering midwifery care for your pregnancy, Night and Day is the place to go. Sarah and Brittany are amazing, they kept me laughing and feeling so nurtured throughout my pregnancy. They take the time at each visit to talk to you about your pregnancy, about nutrition, and really listen to you about any concerns or fears you have. I just delivered my second son with them. Not only did I get to have the home birth experience that I wanted, but the postnatal care they give you is amazing. Rachael, their lactation consultant came to my house and helped me with breastfeeding, and was there for me at the free breastfeeding group on Thursdays. They all truly care about babies and mom and will see you through the prenatal and postnatal experience. I love these ladies!"

Not only did I get to have the home birth experience that I wanted, but the postnatal care they give you is amazing.
— Kellie De Valle


Illiana Battaglia, san diego home birth (VBAC)

"As soon as I found out I was pregnant I knew I wanted to attempt a VBAC at home. I was fortunate enough to have these incredible women as part of my team. Sarah and Brittany were my home birth midwives. They both were passionate and knowledgeable! They made me feel extremely comfortable about attempting a VBAC homebirth! I also struggled with gestational diabetes during my pregnancy. They helped me create a healthy meal plan to keep it under control. I I can say wholeheartedly that I received the upmost care. I was able to deliver our daughter at home under their care... I struggled with breastfeeding in the beginning and was lucky enough to have Rachael help me in my journey. I am now 3 months postpartum and breastfeeding exclusively. I am forever thankful to these women! ...If I ever decide to have another child again I would hire them all over again in a heartbeat!"

They both were passionate and knowledgeable!
Shope Family Pic PB Beach.jpg

Bobb Family

postpartum doula care twins

Sarah and Rachael are lifesavers. Our twins are 6 weeks old and we have a daughter turning 2. I cannot imagine our life over the past 6 weeks without Sarah and Rachael. They are true professionals with a personal touch. It's hard to trust people to care for your children, but Sarah and Rachael have set the bar high. They are both tender hearted, warm, reliable and trustworthy. 

We used them for their night postpartum work and our entire family benefited from it. My husband and I were able to get some much needed sleep - and we were able to rest soundly! I cannot thank them enough for the services they have provided us. 
If we had to do it all over again, I wouldn't hesitate. They simply are the best.

Sarah and Rachael are lifesavers...If we had to do it all over again, I wouldn’t hesitate.

Amanda and Todd Hipper, Kaiser Zion

Amanda and Todd Hipper, Kaiser Zion

Amanda & Todd Hipper

birth doula care at Kaiser Zion

Sarah Burns provided wonderful support before, during and after the birth of our daughter. I am immensely grateful for her calm and soothing presence and abundance of knowledge that enveloped us during the entire process. She worked incredibly well with my husband and mother to create such an effective team that enabled us to have such a fulfilling natural birth. I greatly appreciated her intuitive abilities in supporting us throughout this journey. I will continue to sing her praises and recommend her services any chance I get! -Amanda Hipper

"Sarah recently helped us with the birth of our second child, and once again she did a remarkable job.  Not only is she very knowledgeable about birthing in general, but she has lots of great advice during the birth that helps things go more smoothly.  Sarah really helped us to advocate for our natural child birth plan, helped to keep everyone calm and relaxed while we labored at home before going to the hospital, and was always there with a helping hand without ever feeling like she was in the way. Guys--if you are at all doubtful or wondering what your wife is talking about when she says she wants a doula, don't worry about it--just trust both your wife and Sarah.  I can't imagine doing it without her help!" -Todd Hipper

Liz J, san diego VBAC at the Naval Medical Center

I hired Sarah & Brittany as a doula monatrice team to help me prepare and deliver my 4th baby in Feb 2018. Although I would have loved to have had a home delivery, attempting a VBAC with gestational diabetes did not make me a great candidate. Scheduled to deliver at the Naval Medical Center, I knew I wanted the supportive presence of a doula with the knowledge and experience of a midwife to help me navigate the hospital's rather intervention prone environment. The prenatal visits were so helpful. The two of them really helped with ideas for comfort measures during late pregnancy as well as nutritional counseling to prevent the need for insulin with the gestational diabetes. I ended up having a pitocin induction when I was overdue and I was so glad to have Sarah there. She was my advocate and translator every time the OBs came in offering another intervention. She provided wise counsel about the pros and cons of each measure and what my real options were for delaying or refusing. She was incredibly calm and supportive and had all kinds of "tools in her kit" for managing my pain and keeping me comfortable. She was really encouraging with my husband and communicated well with the hospital staff. In the end, I was able to have a non-medicated, vaginal birth of my 9 pound, 10 ounce son, and I know that her support really helped to make that possible. I would strongly recommend Night & Day and would absolutely hire them again for my next birth.

Lindsey and Dave Monroe, Scripps Encinitas

Lindsey and Dave Monroe, Scripps Encinitas

Lindsey and Dave Monroe

birth doula care Scripps Encinitas

"Thank you so much for your support with the delivery of baby Oliver! We couldn't have done it without you! We had the birth we had hoped and prayed for. It was your time, support and care that got us there. We are forever grateful! If we are blessed with another baby, we will know who to call."

We couldn’t have done it without you.


birth doula care

"You have no idea how much we appreciated your presence at Curran’s birth! Not only did you provide me (and Chris) with the strength I needed to deal with an unmedicated labor, but you helped give me confidence and reassurance when faced with making decisions when things didn’t go as planned. You will forever be a part of our memory of the best day of our lives."


birth doula Scripps La Jolla 

"Thank you so much for all your support during my pregnancy and birthing process. Your reassurance and calmness helped me get through the toughest parts of my labor. I am happy to have had the chance to have a natural delivery and your help made it that much easier!"

Nicole and Ian Schere, USCD Birth Center

Nicole and Ian Schere, USCD Birth Center

Nicole and Ian Schere

birth doula USCD Birth Center

“We wanted to thank you again for your support and warm presence! You made such a difference with your knowledge and "tricks" to make everything go well! We love little Bella and feel you were a big part of our birthday!”



Elizabeth Saleem

birth doula UCSD Medical Center

“Sarah was fantastic! She was a much-needed, calming, soothing presence and we deeply appreciated her being there for me. Thanks so much!"

You made such a difference.

Martha, UCSD

"She offered me water with after every contraction. She would help me to breath. She spoke slowly so I could stay calm. She massaged my back when I needed it. Simple and easy she was like having an angel with me. I have no words to express what she has meant to me. Thank you so much."

Caitlyn Toropova, UCSD

“Thank you for helping me through one of the most exciting experiences of my life. I couldn’t have done it without you!”

Rie Koreeda, Mary Birch

Rie Koreeda, Mary Birch

Rie Koreeda, Mary Birch

"There aren't enough words to explain how invaluable Sarah has been before, during and after the birth of our baby boy. If you asked me what my birth plan was a month before I met Sarah I would've told you that I planned on getting an epidural as soon as the contractions started!!

However, Sarah has this way of presenting all the different possibilities through her knowledge and expertise without the hint of her own agenda. She helped educate me and provided references to educate myself. This process really allowed me to dig deep and think about what my values are and helped me discover a birth plan that I didn't know I wanted prior to meeting Sarah. Without her help, I would've just defaulted to getting that epidural and missing out on how wonderful and magical giving birth naturally can be. I was still open to the idea of a medicated birth but I was more comfortable with trying a natural birth. Sarah helped me gain confidence in the whole process of birth and after talking to her and reading the books she provided I was no longer afraid of the childbirth process!

My husband and I are so appreciative of Sarah's presence during labor. It would not have been the same without her there. She is truly a rare combination of contrasting characteristics...she exudes calm yet is firm and strong. She is knowledgeable but not pushy. Everyone at the hospital absolutely loved her. All the nurses were asking her for business cards and about her website. That's how much they too enjoyed her presence. 

Sarah continues to follow up with us even after the birth I sure hope to stay in touch with her for many years to come. She was an MVP on our birthing team and if I have another child in the future you can be damn sure that I will be calling Sarah again!!

I highly recommend having Sarah by your side while you go through the most amazing experience of your life."

There aren’t enough words to explain how invaluable Sarah has been before, during and after the birth of our baby boy.

Chris Dumm, Kaiser Zion

"There is no one else I would want or refer to have as a support during a birth. Sarah is so attentive to the expectant mother (My wife) and Myself (Father to be). Sarah's pre-birth visits were informational, and fun. She made us feel very comfortable with our upcoming arrival. Throughout our labor she was there from start to end. (and our labor was long...)  I even got some amazing photos care of her camera. Post birth she has kept in touch, and continues to check in with us to see how the baby and mother are doing. From the perspective of the expectant father, I am so thankful that there was someone there to help my wife, help with massages, position changes, talking with hospital staff, even making sure I got some sleep and food. Her spirit and kindness never wavered. Thank you for everything you did and continue to do for our family."

Kimberly Tiernan, Pomerado

Kimberly Tiernan, Pomerado

Kimberly Tiernan, Pomerado

"Sarah was our doula for the birth of our first child. Sarah provided us with great support leading up to labor as well as during labor. Sarah was a wealth of information and shared with us numerous books from her lending library. During labor, Sarah provided my husband and I with peace of mind; we knew that Sarah would alert us if anything was out of the ordinary and would help us decide when to go to the hospital. Sarah had lots of suggestions to keep me comfortable at home and also helped my husband be involved in the process. I would highly recommend that anyone considering a doula meet Sarah."

Shenell and Bill Malloy, Scripps La Jolla

"We cannot thank you enough for everything you did to support us during the birth of our son. You are truly an angel and we appreciate so much having you be part of our miracle."

Kathryn Ostapuk, Pomerado. Picture: Modish Imaging

Kathryn Ostapuk, Pomerado. Picture: Modish Imaging

Kathryn Ostapuk, Pomerado

"Words can never express to you how grateful we are for having you at our birth and in our lives. I will never forget everything you did for me to get me through when I thought I couldn't do it anymore. You are amazing and I know I've found a friend for live."