Free Mom Group

Reopening July 11th! This free group runs every Thursday from 12pm-1pm. All moms welcome- pregnant or postpartum! Pediatric scale is available for use. Come join us to meet other moms and have your breastfeeding, postpartum or pregnancy questions answered. Facilitated by board certified lactation consultants, licensed midwifes and certified lactation educators.


Boobies for Newbies

Most parents know that breastfeeding is the ideal way to feed their baby, but they might be fuzzy on the how-to’s. This class is designed to help you in the transition from newbie to breastfeeding pro! Learn what to expect from you newborn in the first few weeks and how to overcome common breastfeeding challenges. Partners and grandparents (or anyone else who will be supporting you postpartum) are welcome to join. $45 per family

Boobies for Newbies (expanded version)

Interested in learning more about how to use that mysterious pump? Stay for an additional 30 minutes for the expanded version of the breastfeeding class. Pumping can be a life safer for breastfeeding parents who would like the flexibility to be able to leave their baby with another care provider for even short stents (think going to get a hair cut without worrying about a hungry babe at home). This is not a “back to work” classs which covers returning to work in more detail. $15 additional ($60 total including basic Boobies for Newbies class).