Breastfeeding Support

Getting good breastfeeding support is crucial for any new family.  Whether you are looking for prenatal breastfeeding education or have been faced with a breastfeeding challenge, we are here to help with non-judgmental support. 

One on One Consultation:

Offered both in home and in office by an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant.  These sessions are designed to help you resolve  breastfeeding issues that you may be experiencing including, but not limited to:

- Pain

- Milk supply issues

- Latch and positioning assistance

- Infant weight gain concerns

- Feeding multiples

- Engorgement

- Over supply 

- Feeding post breast surgery of any kind 

- Plugged ducts

- Breastfeeding preemies

What To Expect for a Postpartum Consultation:

90 minute consultation includes a full individual plan of care created for you and a follow up phone call will be made within 48 hours to address any additional concerns that you may have.  At times, more than one consultation will be needed, but many issues are resolved in as little as one visit.

The best way to treat breastfeeding issues is to prevent them! A prenatal consultation can also be booked to educate and prepare your family for breastfeeding. In addition, many families need assistance within 3-5 days postpartum. Book a postpartum consultation in advance for a discount and peace of mind that a Certified Lactation Consultant will be there to answer any questions you may have when your little one arrives. Booking in advance gives you the best start towards a beautiful breastfeeding journey.  

Prices for Postpartum Consultation: 

In Home: $145

In Office: $95

If you are unable to afford services, please reach out to