postpartum doula

a postpartum doula is there to help make the transition into parenthood as smooth as possible.

There are few things quite as sweet as a newborn. There are also few things quite as exhausting as caring for a newborn. Support during this time makes all the difference.

Whether you are looking for daytime doula care or night doula support, this is your first baby or you are seasoned parents, it’s essential to be taken care of during this time, and we would love to help you have a positive postpartum experience.

See our FAQ section for more details on how a doula can support your family.

A Postpartum Doula ...

  • Offers education, companionship and nonjudgmental support during the postpartum fourth trimester.
  • Assists with newborn care, family adjustment, meal preparation and light household tidying.
  • Offers evidence-based information on infant feeding, emotional and physical recovery from birth, infant soothing and coping skills for new parents and makes appropriate referrals when helpful. 

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